Corporate On-Site Massage
In these current times where staff in offices and other forms of work place environments, suffer with lower and upper back pain and stiffness, tendonitis in the hands and wrist which is caused by stress from their jobs, and repetitive injuries.

All massage treatments are done fully clothed whether seated or on the couch. The aim of the treatments I will be carrying out is to gently reduce and ease away any tension in the body.

        Benefits of On-Site Massage.
        *    Enhances performances and alertness in the work place.
        *    It effectively decreases the level of stress in the work place.
        *    Ongoing treatments to reduce anxiety.
        *    Massage can reduce chronic and non specific lower back pain.
        *    Improves flexibility, and increases the range of movement.
        *    A convenient, non intrusive form of massage, which can be performed anywhere you go.
        *    Provides a break during the work day and offsets the occupational hazards of sedentary.
        *    Prevents long term sick and absenteeism.

Every year millions of pounds are lost due to staff taking off due to stress related conditions. People spend more time at work in there life time then anywhere else, which is why what happens in the work place is important for there health and well being. Massage is not just a luxury, but is necessary for a healthier lifestyle for employees.

Indian Head Massage is by far the most popular treatment used in the work place. This is because it’s a straight forward treatment, which involves no oils, lotions, creams or equipment, and this treatment can be done with the client fully clothed.  This is a short 30 minute treatment seated.

For further information about the Indian Head Massage treatment, and any other treatments, which may be of interest to you and your staff, please look at the treatments page.





Corporate On-Site Massage
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