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Swedish massage.
Swedish massage is a therapeutic treatment, which stimulates the body and has a powerful effect on the mind.
The effect of touch, sense and smell makes it a powerful yet effective treatment.
Swedish massage helps you to unwind and release the body of muscle tension of everyday stresses.

 Increase feeling of well being.
 Increase in energy and vitality.
 Increase ability to cope with stress.
 Increase in physical and mental relaxation.
 Improve sleeping pattern



Sports Massage.
People say that sports massage also helps people to relax because of the technique used almost mirrors the relaxation massage movements.
Sports massage is beneficial to people who are physically active in sports related activity. This can be sports specific or non sports specific.
Sports massage involves the manipulation of soft tissue and connective tissue.
Sports massage helps to correct problems and imbalances in soft tissue, which is caused by repetitive, strains and trauma from physical activity.
The main aim of sports massage is to enhance your performance, aid recovery and prevent further injury.

 Releases muscle tension, pain and stress.
 Removes the build up of waste fluid.
 Reduces muscle soreness after exercise.
 Improves flexibility, joint mobility, strength, balance and confidence.

Hot & Cold Stone Massage.
Hot stone massage is a form of hydro/thermotherapy which uses heat with massage strokes which helps to create relaxation during a massage treatment. It helps to warm up the muscles and soft tissue, so that the therapist can work the deeper muscles of the body.
Cold stone massage is a form of Cryotherapy where it balances out the hot and cold in the body, and helps with the recovery of injuries and other trauma in tissues. By using cold therapy it helps the area to restrict blood vessels, reduce swelling, reduce cell damage and decreases fluid build up.

Increase circulation.
Improves blood flow.
Moves toxins & waste from the area.
Sinus decongestion.
Decreased muscle spasms.
Invigoration/energizing effects.

Indian Head Massage.
Indian head massage is an effective therapy, which is gaining popularity more and more, especially in the work place.
We mainly focus on the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp.
When you are having this treatment you will be sitting in the upright position on a chair. A lot of people tend to use Indian head massage due to its relaxing effects of the treatment.

 Relief tense muscles in the neck & shoulders.
 Breaks down muscle knots.
 Has a relaxing effect on the whole body.
 Helps people to sleep.
 Loosens the scalp.


Thai Foot Massage.
Thai foot massage is used to open the energies under the foot, by using a stick to stimulate the reflex points, which corresponds with the internal organs of the body.
Thai Foot massage is used to stimulate certain points of the feet which promote general health and well being.
 Stress relief.
 Improves circulation.
 Improves removal of toxins.
 Reduces stiffness and improves flexibility.

Hopi Ear Candling
Hopi Ear Candling, also known as Thermo Auricular Therapy, which is a relaxing and pleasant treatment. This treatment is ideal for those who suffer with conditions which effect the ear, nose and throat areas. This treatment involves putting a special candle in the ear and heating the area up, whilst doing a ear and facial massage which helps with the relaxation  and calming effects in the treatment.

Reduces headaches and migraines.
Reduces Tinitius, compacked ear wax.
Relieves sore throats, and symptoms of hayfever.
Regulates the pressure in the ear and head.
Aids relaxation, anxiety and stress.



Reiki is a healing treatment, which is meant to help you relax.
You will feel an emotional release where you may feel tired and may even fall asleep.
It usually takes a few days for the treatment to work, where in the early stages you may feel a little worse or feel revitalised.
Everyone’s reaction to the treatment will be different, and every treatment won’t have the same results.

 Eases tension and improves relaxation.
 Improves quality of sleep.
 Sooths pain and joint mobility.
 Reduces the effects of trauma.
 Supports other forms of massage treatments.



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