Special Offers

Gift Vouchers.

Also available on request £5, £10 and £20 gift vouchers, which you can use as part of a gift to someone special you, want to treat. These can be used on any of the treatments I do.

Special Offers.

Book two treatments and get the third treatment for half the price.

If you recommend a friend or family member to me, get 25% of your next treatment.

Get 20% off over the Easter and Christmas holidays seasons of any treatments.

In the summer between June and August get 50% of the original price.

Don’t forget if your struggling to find a gift for your partner, friend or family member for different occasions like birthdays, anniversary or just as gift for a treat, I am happy to provide a service for these occasions.

British Veterans Recognition Cardholders.

This offer is aimed at British Armed Forces, who are still in service or veterans who are no longer in active service. The treatments I will be providing are the treatments I am trained in, at a fixed special price of £30 or less, depending on the treatment and the price. You can claim your exclusive treatment discount by informing me that you hold a BVRC card.

For the holders of BVRC card, please go to the link www.fht.org.uk/bvrc  for more information about this exclusive offer and how this scheme works.

 Please feel free to email me if you have any questions and further information regarding the above offers.


Special Offers
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