Rebecca Perfect, Marketing Consultant.
“Having suffered from muscular neck pain over a number of years, since receiving regular massage and deep tissue massage from Marcus Woodman, I have noticed a much less painful occurrence and also the pain is less frequent in returning. So I am very pleased with the outcome.”

Corazon Perfect, Perfume Consultant.
“After being recommended by my draughter Rebecca Perfect, I had a Reiki treatment with Marcus.
I felt much better in myself and it helped me in my grieving the loss of my husband and my mother.”

Tom Wootton, Consultant.
“Marcus helped me regain confidence in my shoulder following an operation in 2008. Marcus’s massages and stretches loosen my shoulder allowing me to be confident whilst swimming or playing badminton.
In late 2009, having broken my leg, Marcus helped me regain flexibility in both legs following great tightness around my body. He has also provided solid advice on further rehab outside of his sessions.”

Georgina Jenman, Civil Servant.
“I had for some time been suffering from intermittent neck and shoulder stiffness, as well as headaches, which I believed to be the result of increased stress at work. I received an Indian head massage from Marcus and found the experience to be really beneficial. Marcus was incredibly professional and took time to discuss my individual case, helping me understand the physiology of my problem. The treatment itself was extremely thorough and very enjoyable. Following the treatment I felt far more relaxed and could notice a real reduction in the tension in my neck and shoulders. I also feel that since the treatment there has been a real improvement in my levels of sleep and I have experienced far less headaches. I was extremely happy with the treatment I received.”

Elaine Davy, Nurse.
“Marcus helped me with several different issues that I was suffering with for a long time as I found the NHS was slow to take action with any treatment. A while ago, I had a knee operation and also suffered a weak lower back due to my knee issues. Recently I've been suffering with terrible neck and shoulder pain, as my job involves lots of computer work and long distant driving.
Marcus explained to me that my main injury could be causing me problems which have ended up affecting different parts of my body. So first he analysed me, then he started treating me.
I found him very professional and to the point when he was talking and explaining things to me.
I would also thoroughly recommend him for any injuries that need results.”

Michelle McKenzie, Cabin Crew.
“I have been suffering with the effects of rheumatism for years and the changes in the weather really do affect the pain and discomfort that I feel. I have been on every kind of combination of conventional medicine under the sun. I found Marcus, who suggested that I could use massage to ease the pain and free up the joints in my shoulders and back. Since I have been having regular massages from Marcus, I have noticed that over the years I have been able to cope in the wet and dreary weathers. My shoulders have been "looser" and my back has not be so tense and I can now stand for even longer periods of time and can carry a little more shopping!! I know that this is just a little start to coping with my symptoms, however, this is a very big step for me as this changes my life style.”


Elsie Carrasco,Higher Executive Officer.
“I came to Marcus with stiffness in my neck and shoulder blades. I had also recently developed a strain in my right wrist due to heavy lifting. The above issues was causing me great discomfort and prevented me from lifting and being able to turn my neck fully.
After Marcus located the pain in these areas, he focused on them and helped a great deal to alleviate the pain. My wrist felt a great deal better and I was able to turn my neck fully left and right without pain.
I would most definitely recommend Marcus for any form of massage treatment, and I will be visiting him again in the not too distant future.”


James Palmer, Senior Product Designer, Asia Pacific SBFI. (Hong Kong.)
"I was suffering from an ache around the lower section of my right hand shoulder blade which initially occurred from a typical rock climbing session. However the irritating twinge had mysteriously escalated over the following few nights and it started to become more than I could tolerate. I consulted with Marcus and he completed a single massage on my back concentrating on the effected upper half. The massage was very soothing and as a result my back felt a great deal healthier straight after. The following day all twinges were gone and I felt like a new man."

Keith Monte-D’Cruz, Regional Director Neopost.
“I had been suffering with lower back pain, which had started to travel down my leg. I thought this was a sciatic nerve problem, so I came to see Marcus who was recommended by my partner. I thought that I might have injured myself whilst playing badminton, and having a bad posture whilst sitting at my desk all day. Marcus carried out a sciatic nerve test, which gave a positive result and did some massage on my leg. The lower back pain was still occurring, so I spoke to Marcus again and he done an assessment on my back and posture. He did deep tissue massage and stretching, which helped to relieve my back from all the tension and pain. I would recommend Marcus to anyone who has back problems to treat.”


Stuart Halliday, Civil Servant.
“I had been suffering with lower back issues which were having an adverse effect on my upper back, neck and shoulders. I went to Marcus who done an assessment of my posture, and gave me advice on how to improve my posture. He also did massage to help release the tension in these areas in order for me to start correcting myself after the treatment. I will be going back to Marcus for future treatment when I need it.”


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